Older Work

This Might Take A While

This Might Take A While is a web site (http://www.thismighttakeawhile.com) which slows down the process of writing to one word a day as well as a series of prints made from words from the site

Alternative Domestic

The Alternative Domestic series consists of installations which occupy different rooms and spaces within the domestic sphere. Each work examines the psychological and emotional undercurrents its space.


The SkyMall series began during a period when the only time I had to make are was when I was on an airplane flying for business. I decided that if that was the time I had available, then I must use the materials available. The SkyMall Catalog, as it turns out, is rich with art historical and conceptual art references. The "paintings" are objects bought from the SkyMall Catalog and then photographed and printed by Canvas On Demand, a SkyMall advertiser which offers "artificial brush strokes" to their prints for an additional fee.

Hand Drawings

These drawings were made using the corresponding slices of acrylic from the sculptures.

Net Art

I began making art integrating the internet in 1996, and was included in a show at the List Visual Arts Center on the topic later that year. Some works use the Internet as a medium of display, and are what I call "Browser Art" as they use the browser as the frame. Other works use the connectivity of the Internet and the interactions between people as a basis for exploration.